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About Us.

Manavata means Humanity in Sanskrit

The human virtue of tending and befriending others through love, kindness and social intelligence. It is from this very spirit that 'Manavata', a voluntary, not-for-profit, humanitarian organization, was born over two decades ago, with a mission to create a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H) world. Conceived and driven by young, entrepreneur and social agent Srinivasa Alluri’s vision, Manavata spreads 3H consciousness through each volunteer, each standing for a selfless cause, and setting an example.

What began as a seed has grown into a large tree, providing its abundance and shade to many. Today, Manavata runs several social initiatives in health, education, environment and humanitarian aid worldwide. Apart from implementing initiatives on its own, Manavata provides a platform for individuals and organizations to take the 3H initiatives forward. With over 8000 volunteers and growing, 57 chapters in six countries, registered charity in India, UK and USA, activities that encompass Tree Plantation, Natural Farming, Humanitarian Aid, Value Based Education, Child care, Blood donation, Healthy Living and Self-employment Training, Manavata’s relentless work over the past two decades has been awarded with a special consultative status at the United Nations ECOSOC in 2012.

Mission: To make the world Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H)

Strategy: To reach all of humanity through voluntary initiatives aimed at the individual, family, village, society and global levels that improve human values and quality of living through simple, natural and eco-friendly lifestyles and livelihoods.


Health – Healthy Living, Yoga, Alternative Medicine, Medical camps, Blood donation drives

Education – Personality Development Programs, Self-employment schemes for women, Value based education camps for children

Environment – Tree plantation drives, Natural farming, Cycling for humanity, health and environment, Support nature campaign

Humanitarian Aid – Orphanages, Old age homes, Aid for poor patients, Aid for victims of natural calamities and disasters 

Manavata's initiatives include Manavata Academy of Excellence MAHE (for the individual), Charity at Home (for the family), Charity Together (for the Society), Sustainable Development Program (for the village or community) and Cycling for Humanity (for Humanity).

Our Strategy To Reach The World: Manavata Initiatives at 5 Levels

Manavata reaches out to society through 5 programs that impact at individual, family, community, village and global levels. The initiatives are – The Manavata Academy for Human Excellence (Individual), Charity at Home (Family), Charity Together (Society), Sustainable Rural Development Program (Village) and Cycling for Humanity (Global).

Manavata Academy of Human Excellence (MAHE): MAHE is a centralized Academy set up to impart structured training for its volunteers. MAHE empowers each volunteer to become an example of Manavata’s philosophy and work. Located in Hyderabad, MAHE trains volunteers and creates new methods and processes to improve the 3H life.

Charity At Home: This initiative promotes best practices at the family level to build healthy, happy and harmonious families. Around 3000 families have so far benefitted through this program by adopting the 3H lifestyle.

Charity Together:   Facilitated by Manavata this forum brings charities / NGOs together to achieve greater effectiveness in providing service. 400 member organizations participate in this consortium.

Sustainable Rural Development Program (SRDP): Manavata adopts villages and promotes education, health and environment, develops leadership and governance, promotes sustainable agriculture techniques, creates economic equilibrium, helps people earn livelihoods and serves people who are poor and needy. Manavata has so far adopted 10 villages under SRDP and plans to adopt 500 villages in the next 3 years.

Cycling for Humanity: Manavata’s global initiative, ‘Cycling for Humanity’, creates an awareness across the world of the need for the 3H lifestyle. Manavata promotes cycling– the cleanest and healthiest form of transport – to drive home this message. Through ‘Cycling for Humanity’, Manavata reaches out to people and promotes healthy living and a clean, pollution free environment. From epic cycling events across continents to local cycling drives in schools, colleges, corporates and local communities, Manavata’s Cycling for Humanity spreads awareness about the need for humanity in our daily lives.

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